Cuban Puff Pastry / Pasteles Cubanos

Cuban Puff Pastry are (turnovers) made with homemade puff pastry and filled with either Guava, Guava and cheese, meat, cheese, or Ham and Cheese.  Simply delicious and perfect for occasion !!

Topped with a glaze of simple syrup.

 Each Cuban Pastry $5.00 each

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   Box of 12 Assorted Cuban Puff Pastry (3 of each flavor, Guava & Cheese, Cheese, Meats, Ham & Cheese)

  Caja c/ 12 Pastelitos Cubanos de Sabores Surtidos (3 de cada sabor,  Guayava & Queso, Queso, Carne,

  Jamon & Queso)

For specific flavor wanted